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Voodoo Architecture    

The SalesVoodoo team prides them selves on remain ever flexible, need change from company to company and from year to year. As our market place become more and more global in nature the need to remain fluid and flexible increases. This not only the case for SalesVoodoo, it is also the case for nearly all of our customer. By providing a level of flexibility never experience before we are able meet the unique needs of each customer, allowing the to leverage technology to remain competitive in a ever changing marketplace.

Cost effective with NO hidden costs

Basic Training, Core Upgrades, and Data Migration are all included. For one monthly subscription fee, you can manage all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. Including contact management, opportunity/Sales Pipe management, reporting and analytics.

For less than the monthly cost of cellular service, we can enable a user on SalesVoodoo and provide a monthly subscription. In other words, for less than $2 per day your people can stay in touch, work as a cohesive unit and be more productive. Can you afford the alternative?


Through the use of out extensive API capabilities the SalesVoodoo CRM can easily integrate with most commercial applications today. Whether you want to integrate with back-end accounting systems to insure accurate billing and financial reporting or with a supply-chain/vendor management system. The Voodoo CRM can accommodate?