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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does SalesVoodoo.com work?
A. SalesVoodoo.com is Web site hosted in a secure data center. Users simply connect to SalesVoodoo.com via the Internet. You can connect to SalesVoodoo.com and enter detailed information about your sales, service, and marketing activities. If you have a Web browser and an Internet connection, you are ready to start using SalesVoodoo.com right now. SalesVoodoo.com also supports offline services which can give users access to data without a continuous internet connection.

Q. How do I get upgrades to SalesVoodoo.com?
A. Because SalesVoodoo.com is a Web site, any time we add a new feature, you will have access to it immediately. There is no need to download any software, or make system adjustments.

Q. If I opt for the hosted option is my data secure.

A. Our hosting facility is armed with the most up to date security technology to insure your data is only accessed by authorized individuals. In addition to our state of the art firewall and intrusion detection technology, our facility is monitored 24x7 by trained personnel with a detailed disaster recover plans. Your data is as safe, if not safer, when it is hosted in our facility. The choice is yours as to whether you prefer to host the system yourself, or to have us do it for you.

Q. How does SalesVoodoo.com ensure you have secure access to your data, no matter what?

A. SalesVoodoo, can provide an optional feature called the Data Repository Server (DSR). The DSR is a piece of hardware installed on you location that synchronizes with our software several times a day. The DSR can also act as a central point of access which allows SalesVoodoo.com to seamlessly integrate with any of your systems; including financial systems and ERP

Q. My Business is unique, can I customize SalesVoodoo ?
A. Absolutely!! In fact our unique platform promotes fast development of custom functionality and allows SalesVoodoo to apply custom work while still gaining the benefit of baseline code. That way you get the functionality you need, without compromising your upgrade path. The best of both worlds can be yours!!