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Flexibility with NO hidden costs   Gain benefit in weeks not months

The SalesVoodoo team prides itself on remaining ever flexible, adjusting to the changing needs from company to company and from year to year. As our market place becomes more and more global in nature, the need to adjust and remain flexible increases. This not only the case for SalesVoodoo, it is also the case for nearly all of our customer. By providing the highest level of flexibility we are able meet the unique needs of each customer, allowing them to leverage our technology to remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

Cost effective with NO hidden costs

Basic Training, Core Upgrades, and Data Migration are all included. For one monthly subscription fee, you can manage all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. Including contact management, opportunity/Sales Pipeline management, reporting and analytics.

For less than the monthly cost of cellular service, we can enable a user on SalesVoodoo and provide a monthly subscription. In other words, for less than $2 per day your people can stay in touch, work as a cohesive unit and be more productive. Can you afford the alternative?


If our customers do not benefit from SalesVoodoo, we all loose. With each installation, the SalesVoodoo team will do everything in its power to make sure you realize true value – both efficiency savings and sales growth - in the shortest time possible.

It is all about change management. Our implementation process is straightforward and designed to minimize the impact on your productivity, something that all too common with most implementations. Through the use of time-tested change management strategies, users see SalesVoodoo as a tool to improve productivity, not as another administrative burden. A happier user will use SalesVoodoo more frequently and extensively, as a result more accurate data is captured. With better data, management has better information available to steer the organization.