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SalesVoodoo CRM


With SalesVoodoo CRM, you get everything you need to manage relationships with your existing customers while acquiring new ones. The easy to deploy and simple to use SalesVoodoo CRM solution will allow your company to operate with a forward thinking perspective and capitalize on opportunities like never before. Major components in our the Voodoo CRM solution include:

  • Sales Force Automation
    Contact Management
    Sale Pipeline & Opportunity Management
    Lead Distribution and Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
    Marketing Campaign Management
    Mass Mailing
    Lead Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Pre-built, Ad-Hoc & Custom
    Export to Excel
  • Customer Service & Support
    Support Incident Tracking & Escalation
    Time Logging
WorkforceVoodoo CRM & ATS

WorkforceVoodoo provides its users with all the robust functionality of SalesVoodoo CRM, plus one of the most powerful candidate management and applicant tracking system on the market. WorkforceVoodoo will shorten your Time to Fill cycles and improve the quality of candidates available to your organization.

Additional Options

Voodoo Off-line Services

Your people in the field don’t always have access to an Internet connection. With Voodoo Off-line Services, your people in the field will always have access to the entire system with its full functionality. They can always add, update and retrieve the information they need to be effective. When they reconnect to the Internet the system will automatically sync with the server - allowing all updates to be brought down and pushed up, keeping all the data as current as possible.

Email Integration Package

In today’s workplace, email and calendaring are an essential part of an organization’s knowledge based. With Lotus Notes & Outlook Integration, users can attach inbound and outbound emails to records in Voodoo CRM and sync entries between their Notes Calendar and their Voodoo CRM Calendar.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Sales people and field staff may not always have access to their laptop, or may not have time to capture important information right after a meeting. Some just prefer the telephone to computers. Using our integrated Interactive Voice Response system, sales people can call in their Notes, Opportunities and other information to record the information they need and attach it to a record in the Voodoo CRM.

Instant Messaging and Awareness

Instant Messaging is gaining adoption at lightning speed. Through the integration with Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging and Skype, Voodoo offers real-time awareness and instant messaging. An organization spread across a wide geographic area can now communicate instantly.